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Program representatives will meet you upon arrival if they know the time, date, and location of your arrival (airport or rail station). It is therefore vital that the organizers in Budapest are informed about your travel well ahead of time. Please send your travel plans to the Resident Secretery as soon as they are made. Under almost every circumstances, someone from the program will meet you upon your arrival in Budapest and you will be taken to your residence.However, if your arrival in Budapest is delayed or affected by any unforeseen factor, make a phone call to Ildiko Pieczka Farkas +36 20 348 5858.

Visa Information

US citizens currently need no Visas to Hungary. Accordingly, BSCS students from the US are not required to have a Visa (non-US citizens please inquire). In Hungary, foreign students and all foreigners visiting for more than 90 days should register with the Office of Immigration and Nationality in Budapest. Accepted BSCS students will be informed about the necessary documents and will be assisted when in Budapest.

For further information US students may wish to consult the Hungarian Embassy in the US:

Embassy of Hungary
Department of Consular Affairs
3910 Shoemaker St., NW
Washington, DC 20008
Tel.: (202) 362-6730