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The University Campus is still in expansion, and relatively poor in terms of sports facilities at the moment. However, basic facilities such as a jogging course, a swimming pool as well as some others are already available and can be visited by student card.

Students with needs beyond this level should use public facilities. Please consult the Programme Chair or the Resident Secretary for details and advice. Budapest is a city which offers virtually all imaginable sports activities, from wall-climbing and skateboarding to paragliding and horse-riding, most of them usually available at low to reasonable costs. Students are advised not to forget about their gears and licences, etc.


BSCS offers its students two weekend excursions included in the tuition fee. A weekend excursion is a two-day (one-night) trip to a scenic and historically relevant place in the country of Hungary.

The destinations of the first excursion are:

The destination of the second excursion are:

BSCS does not offer organized cultural programs in Budapest, but gives help to students (who should move self-confidently in the city after orientation Week) to organise programs on their own. Quality information pages such as exist in the Hungarian language, and BSCS staff gives assistance on how to use them.

BSCS staff also gives advises in terms of do’s and don’ts. Student dormitories close at 22:00 which puts a limit to independent student activity.

Students who need personal guidance to cultural programs or want to be accompanied by locals should inquire at the Resident Secretary. Local Eötvös students who volunteer to keep company can be easily found on prior notice.