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Excursions and cultural programs

BSCS offers its students two 2-days weekend excursions in Hungary whose costs are also included in the tuition fee. A weekend excursion is a two-day (one-night) trip to a scenic and historically relevant place in the country of Hungary. The expected destinations of the first excursion are one of these: Szentendre, Esztergom, Visegrád. The expected destination of the second excursion is: Tihany.

Further individual trips can also be arranged during the weekends. Assistance in the organization of such trips is provided by BSCS staff upon request. Based on individual agreements with US Colleges and Universities, further value-added services can be provided.

Besides, BSCS offers organized cultural programs in Budapest at no additional costs for program participants. These are one afternoon once a week, optional with sign-ups. They include:

  • an Opera visit
  • Budapest Zoo
  • Széchenyi spa
  • Pálvölgyi cave (stalactite viewing, adventure caving or cave walk – it is guided and super fun)
  • ice-skating on Városliget lake (subject to weather)
  • visit of voluntary organizations
  • lab visits (e.g. Dept of Ethology)
  • Hungarian cooking night
  • craftsman workshop (painting, pottery, jewellery-making, ...)
  • visit to a classic café

Program expenses (entrance fee, travels, organizational costs) are part of the tuition fee, the students must only cover their personal expenses (rental fees where applicable, foods, drinks - except when the program is about eating and drinking, like the cooking night or the café).

Finally, the program offers elective Hungarian language & culture classes (2 afternoon classes every week), with museum visits, walking tour, exploring Hungarian cuisine, watching Hungarian films, etc. at own cost.

Useful and informative websites exist in English, such as and have proved to be very helpful to students. Students who need personalized guidance to cultural programs or wish to be accompanied by locals should inquire at the Resident Secretary.