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Opening party (informal)

Starting at 5pm

Sept 5 - 9

Orientation Week

Opening Ceremony : Sept 5. 10am (Prof. George Kampis (Eötvös U.), Prof. Péter Érdi (Kalamazoo College), and Dr. Ildikó Pieczka (Eötvös U.)

Sept 12 - 16

Introduction To Cognitive Science | PSYC305

Dr. Vladimira Cavojova (Slovak Academy of Sciences, Institute of Experimental Psychology)

Sept 19 - 23

Cognitive Neuroscience | NEURO305

Dr. László Négyessy (Institute For Particle And Nuclear Physics, Wigner Research Centre For Physics, Hungarian Academy Of Sciences)

Sept 26 - 30

Brain Imaging And Cognition | NEURO305

Dr. Vaibhav Diwadkar (Dept. Behavioral Neurosciece And Psychiatry, Wayne State University, Detroit, Mi, Usa)