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Student Status

BSCS students obtain guest student status in Eötvös University, with an access to Eötvös’s student facilities.

Faculty and Courses

BSCS faculty and courses are detailed separately.

Teaching and Resources

Students are not required to buy textbooks (with the exception of language courses). All courses are based on lectures. Teaching material is developed (or, in the case of readings, collected) by the faculty and distributed to the students. Classroom teaching is supplemented by readings and by further assignments (such as Internet or library-based student research) outside of class hours.

Resources available to students include a library with a number of select professional books and reviews in the English language, as well as a limited number of PC-s will permanent Internet access. Internet is available in the classroom and free WiFi in various University areas.

Quality Control

Eötvös University is one of the premier Universities in Europe with all around excellence in its faculties. The Department of Ethology (home of the BSCS) has been graded as “Excellent” in the most recent national Teaching and Research Quality Assessment in Hungary. The BSCS leadership is in constant contact with host institutions in the USA and has hosted and encourages on-site visits by College Administrators from the US. In addition, the program has an active administrative team in Budapest that is available for handling academic, culture and logistical questions.

Credits Transfer And Transcript

Transcript: Every BSCS student who attends at least 90% of the classes and meets the requirements of every examination receives a Certificate from Eötvös University which shows the duration and other specifics of the courses attended as well as the grades obtained. US compatible official transcripts are also provided for all completed courses.

Credits: Students’ home universities typically require the achievement of credits as result of a study abroad stay. Recognition of the credits by the students’ home university must be negotiated in the application phase in the case of doubt. BSCS’s credit system is fully compatible with the credit system of Eötvös University, which strictly follows the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). For official ECTS information, please consult here and additionally here.

In the ECTS framework, a one-semester course with 20 contact hours typically earns 2 ECTU (European Credit Transfer Units). Accordingly, the whole BSCS semester earns altogether 24-30 ECTU (see separately; see also “Grades” below).

Credits Transfer Official: the Credits Transfer Official of the BSCS is the General Director.


There will be a written or oral examination at the end of each course. Students receive a grade for each examination as well as a summary grade (the average of the grades obtained) in the Certificate.

Oral examinations are common in the European higher education system. An oral examination is conducted in the form of a dialogue between the teacher and a student. As a rule, the student may take time to prepare for the answers. Oral examinations at Hungarian universities are open to the public (practically: to fellow students) to ensure transparency. 


In Hungary, grades are on a five-degree scale that ranges from 1 to 5, with 5 being the best and 1 the worst. The grades and their official meanings are: 5 “excellent”,  4 “good”, 3 “medium”, 2 “sufficient”, 1 “insufficient”. 

Equivalence issues concerning the different national grading systems and credit systems should be consulted with the Study Abroad Office of the student’s home university and with the Program Chair of BSCS. In most cases, it is easy or straightforward to establish equivalence between different systems.