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The BSCS Semester covers four months. For students that wish to earn more credits or wish to spend more time in a study abroad arrangement, BSCS offers an Independent Research (IR) package.

IR can be taken consecutively to the BSCS semester or separately as a summer program. The cost of IR in 2014 is USD 1400. (Again, individual agreements with selected sending universities, increased value added service pack can be provided.) Within IR, students are placed in various Eötvös research Departments according to their majors and receive research tasks suitable for their general background.

IR is available in conjunction with BSCS or separately and under identical conditions (student status, dormitory, infrastructure etc.). IR dates for the 2013 BSCS Semester are from the 2nd to the 31st January 2014. The IR module involves 8 contact hours per day and can be accounted for 50% of the regular credit system; therefore the full Independent Research module represents a 5.6 semester hour’s workload.